Sessa Omoregie

Instagram: @vnsssaa

Me: File Format Series. - I'm Feeling So Virtual I'm Violent

Currently showing at HA HA Gallery.

Venus Self

The artist as Henry Courtney Selous conceiving “The Birth of Venus”, Venus Self depicts the goddess within the screen space, a digital interpretation of her being. Her image is deconstructed and allows her to exist without a body. Venus is fragmented, Venus is a file format, Venus zoomed in too much, Venus as a (kind of) tangible being, Venus is ready for download.

Developed from the Dazed Digital Girls Rule: The Artist Image Project.

GIRL CODE: Olivia.JPG2000

Online installation: 



“We’re in the 

business of 


people’s lives" (2014)

/ This is a ‘conversation’ with the Online Girl

/ The audience are permitted to move the mouse and cursor to compose the image of the Online Girl.

/ The audience cannot ‘talk’ to The Online Girl she can only pose for you.

Using Format